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Brand Ambassador Program


Our EVLV Apparel Brand Ambassadors will be the "face" of our brand so ideally, we are not looking for a sales person but someone who is passionate about health, people and our brand. Our Ambassadors are only passionate and familiar with our products and our mission and have a vision to work and grow with us. Our ambassadors maintain a positive social image for EvlvApparel and are goal oriented unapologetic individuals. They have a passion for fitness and great style, both in and out of the gym. They lead sustainably healthy lifestyles and will be able to assist with keeping momentum moving forwards with Evlv Apparel.


How does it work? What's in it for me?


  • Each ambassador will be assigned a custom code to market to their audience.
  • Customers will receive 15% off their order for using the code, and the order value will go towards the commission quota.
  • Each ambassador has a quota of $200 so when orders made using their unique code reaches that amount, they will be paid $20AUD. Funds will be transferred on the 1st business day of the month.
  • They will be able to purchase from the newly curated arrivals before the public with a 40% discount!
  • Brand ambassadors are also eligible for free entry to the Evlv Apparel hosted events.
  • All ambassadors receive a 30% store discount (regular priced merchandise only).


Best part? You’ll gain valuable industry experience - The experience that you gain from being a brand ambassador is epic and will look great for any future endeavours you may have in the social media scene. It’s also a big confidence builder and if you work with us, we’ll look after you!



What do I need to do if I’m successful?


  • Add our page in your bio to indicate that you're our ambassador (let us know if there's a reason you aren't able to do this)
  • Ambassadors must be visibly promoting Evlv Apparel through unique content.
  • Any post must include our Evlv Apparel tag (#TeamEVLV and/or @evlvapparel depending on what type of platform is being used).
  • To maintain your brand ambassador perks we expect to see at least 2 posts per month (ideally one post per fortnight).
  • These four posts must be Evlv Apparel exclusive meaning that no other stores or brands may be tagged or promoted in the same post.

Get creative and don't forget to use your merchandise discount to help with product promotion!


Am I eligible?


Well, among the type of character you are and ability to engage and communicate with people we do look for a few more things.


  • Determined to PROMOTE and become a driving force behind Evlv Apparel  
  • Self-motivated and passionate about fitness and is able to illustrate that in their social media
  • Have a sound networking ability and are able to engage with a wide range of people
  • Able to promote products and sell creatively
  • Organized and has a strong attention to detail. When it comes to creating content, having a sharp eye for things that need to be tweaked is important!
  • Positive and tenacious mental attitude. We’re a team built on individuals ready and excited to destroy goals.


Anything else I need to know?

We care more about your engagements with your followers rather than your actual follower count. With that being said, we understand that not every applicant will have thousands of followers so we will look at how often you’re posting, how much engagement is in your posts and from there, we can work together to build your presence as we grow too.


In a nutshell, the more comments and conversations you’re engaging with coupled with how often you’re posting, the better chance you have at becoming an ambassador with us.

Once an application is approved, aspiring ambassadors must purchase an initial set on their own. Every month following the initial purchase, each ambassador will pick a free clothing item (valued up to $40) of his/her choice. To be eligible for FREE merchandise, each ambassadors code must be used a minimum of 4 times in the previous month.



Cool, so how do I apply?


To apply, shoot through an email to telling us why you think you'd make a great addition to the #TeamEVLV family.

Our team will look through your Instagram and any other social media profiles you may have so we can see the type of social media presence you have and contact you to let you know what to do moving forwards.


Thank you for your interest and best of luck!

Evlv Apparel Team



If you aren't following our social media profiles yet, that'd be a great place to start and see what we're all about!