BLOG 3 | Brand Ambassador- Adya

Where do we start??

Adya has been a key player within Evlv since she was first introduced to the brand in early 2019 and is now our brand ambassador!

Before the brand launched, our founder was thinking of some creative and inclusive ways to begin a brand from the ground up and one way he knew how to do that was to bring in some friends who will begin forming a family. It didn’t take long to come up with a few names that he believed would be perfect for our community.

Just to give you a little back ground on her, she’s sharp whited and easy going character with an interest in people, food and maintaining a positive and happy lifestyle. On the weekends, you’ll find her spending time with her partner, adventuring through town looking for neat little spots to dine at or just chilling with friends.

Quickly, Adya was the brands first ambassador and while we weren’t able to give her the impressive commissions that other brands are able to provide to their ambassadors, she still stood by the brand’s vision. She was encouraging and supportive and we knew immediately that having her on board in some capacity was something we wanted to do.

Thank you for being supportive, hardworking, reliable and for being a key part of our brand, Adya!

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