Stockist & Distribution Enquiries

As we grow, we thought of a few ways to reach our customers more effectively and partnering with other stores is often a great way to do so!


The team at Evlv Apparel is incredibly proud of the community we’ve formed. We have cultivated a tribe of enthusiasts who live and breath the values of Evlv Apparel. We’re always looking for ways to grow our community and partner with stockists who want to be part of something bigger.



The Evlv Apparel pricing structure has been developed with stockists in mind. We have formulated a structure where stockists benefit from a substantial margin across our range of products. 



When you become a Evlv Apparel stockist, you become part of a supportive, empowering, bright group of individuals. The Evlv Apparel community is bursting at the seams with people who wanna’ feel good from the inside out and become a part of a community that is wiling to grow together!


We also actively engage with our stockists via social media and will regularly drive traffic to our stockist’s pages and stores through social media posts. We pride ourselves on being a supportive community and want to see all our customers and stockists thrive!


Please tell us a bit about yourself by filling in the below form and we will get in touch to discuss how we can work together! :)