Action Against Hunger

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Action Against Hunger!
We’re pledging 10% of every sale because we believe in supporting and empowering people. We all have lives to lead and supporting those that are less privileged to obtain clean water, eat regular meals, support their families and improve their quality of life is one way we can help the world become a more wonderful place.
Action Against Hunger is a global humanitarian organisation that takes decisive action against the causes and effects of hunger. They save the lives of malnourished children and in 2019, they touched over than 20 million lives in 45+ countries through their lifesaving programs to prevent and treat malnutrition, improve access to clean water, and more.. They ensure everyone can access clean water, food, training and healthcare. They enable entire communities to be free from hunger. In the past year, Action Against Hunger's global network served more than 20 million people in nearly 50 countries. Some of their current programs and initiates are in nutrition and health, water, sanitation and hygiene, food security, livelihoods and emergency response.
Every year, humanitarian emergencies caused by conflicts and natural disasters devastate millions of people and leave them unable to meet their basic survival needs. The world's poorest communities are most vulnerable to such emergencies, which can destroy people's minimal assets, uproot them from their homes, disrupt or destroy harvests and infrastructure for livelihoods, and cut people off from access to markets and basis services for water and health care.
Action Against Hunger train and build the capacity of small-scale farmers to increase production, and safely store and market their crops. In humanitarian emergencies, they provide cash transfers, or cash-for-work programs, to help families in crisis buy food and support local markets, while also enabling them to make their own choices about their most urgent needs. 
Their global efforts save hundreds of thousands of lives each year, but unfortunately, millions of undernourished children remain in need of lifesaving treatment. They are committed to doubling the number of children who receive urgent hunger care, from three million to six million by 2020 and are working hard to build their different programs to increase their reach and impact.
That's something that EVLV Apparel as a brand want to be a part of and having your support would empower us to support Action Against Hunger further!