We all know what being ‘kind’ looks like but when was the last time you had a really good thing about what is involved?

For us, being kind is a core part of how we operate as a team, with our customers and vendors.

There has always been this societal misconception that being kind is a sign of weakness and is often confused being passive. When it really comes down to it, kindness is a strength and the reason so many people struggle with seeing it as a positive thing is because of their own insecurities and the way their environment has shaped the view of it.


Why is it so important to Evlv Apparel?



In our personal relationships, we get along with people who are nice to us and naturally, the same can be applied to our brand. Being in the retail sector, you can never tell what your customers are going through when you meet them so being able to respond to them in a friendly way, it shows them that their valued and that has encouraged them to engage with our team and the brand as a whole.



On the ground, supporting the brand, doing the work and going that extra mile is the Evlv Apparel team. The crew that you see in photo shoots, the team that pack orders, create media content are the lads and laddettes that shape the brand. If kindness didn’t play a role in our team, the team definitely wouldn’t exist!. Along with other great qualities, we make sure that our team have the few core traits like kindness with authenticity mixed in with some healthy habits. Having those 2 traits engrained into who we are, often creates such an unstoppable force within us and enables us  to tackle life and really create something special.



The idea of being kind to others is simple and most of us were taught about that when we were younger but in practice, it can be hard. Whether it’s that one person that knows exactly what to say to turn your mood around or being cut off while driving to work. Expressing kindness can be difficult sometimes. However, when it’s all said and done, being kind is one of the many things that make you and the other person feel good and leaves you with a ‘oh wow, what I said or did for that person really made them happy!’. In other words, good things happen when people are friendly.

A good place to start is being kind yourself and when you do that often, you’ll find that you’re able to share it with others!


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